Frequently Asked Questions


Below you can find a list of some of the more common asked questions that you might find useful.

Does Namgrass require maintenance?

At Namgrass we always say that there is no such thing as zero maintenance, especially in the garden. But Namgrass requires minimal maintenance. See our maintenance page for more info.

Can weed roots affect Namgrass?

The composition of Namgrass consists of a very strong woven ‘scrim’, this coupled with the latex backing and our recommended weed membrane installed under the grass make for a very tough surface, and for any such issue to be minimal.

How long can I expect my Namgrass lawn to last?

The life expectancy of any artificial grass very much depends on its usage, at Namgrass we say that under a normal domestic/garden usage that the life expectancy of the grass should be between 15 to 20 years.

Where is Namgrass made?

All Namgrass products are produced in our very own factory in Belgium!

Which Namgrass product is most suitable for pets?

Namgrass is great for dogs and other pets. Pet ‘mess’ will not affect Namgrass, not will it discolour the grass. The installation process does differ slightly if you have pets, for example, we would recommend not installing shock pad or infilling with sand as this can hold moisture and therefore more likely to retain pet odours. We would also recommend a shorter pile height as its easier to clean. Your grass will need to be hosed down at least every 3-4 weeks. However, the frequency of this differs depending on the time of year amount of use.

Can I have a Braai on my Namgrass lawn?

No, you cant braai as damage caused to carpet by coals voids the warranty.

Does Namgrass really feel and look like the real thing?

At Namgrass we are inspired by nature – and we believe our products not only offer the very best in terms of quality but also offer the most natural look and feel. Our product range is designed to satisfy everyone’s needs i.e. light coloured grass, darker shades, long pile, short pile, no matter which product you choose you can be assured you are buying the very best product on the market.

Why should I choose Namgrass over and above other grass suppliers?

At Namgrass we pride ourselves on being totally unique in the marketplace – for the very reason that we are the only supplier in Europe that designs, manufactures and distributes all of our own products. So what does this mean to you? Well, it means you get a far superior and unique product, unrivaled in terms of quality, looks and feel at a great price – in short, we offer far superior products, at the same price, or in some cases cheaper, than our competitors.

What does the warranty cover?

Because we make all of our own products, we offer our very own warranty across all our grasses. The main points this warranty covers are UV stabilisation (no fade), the integrity of our products and ‘rot’ i.e. our products will not rot after a couple of years.

What is Namgrass made from?

All Namgrass products are made from the highest quality materials. To view some information about the material used to make Namgrass, compared to some of our competitors, go to Why Namgrass.







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