What does NAM stand for?

NAM stands for ‘Natura Artis Magistra’ meaning – ‘Nature is the teacher of art’. We aim to produce and deliver products that are as realistic to nature as possible.

Namgrass South Africa

Namgrass South Africa has its Head Office at the Silo Exchange in Cape Town: with brances in Gauteng, KZN and the Western Cape.

The Namgrass Journey

There’s nothing artificial about our passion for our product. For over 30 years, Namgrass has been designed, developed and manufactured exclusively by us. We’ve always been ‘anoraky’ about attention to detail and we’re like terriers when it comes to maintaining quality. We’ve constantly driven improvements using clever innovation and cool new technology. And we’ve always ensured that Namgrass offers the most natural look and feel. Watch the video, share our passion.

Big enough to be global, small enough to care

Artificial grass isn’t meant to grow, but we are. Our ongoing success is because we’re sticklers for controlling quality and innovation. All our products are designed, manufactured and distributed by us giving us control of the full process. We also have some super hi-tech machines that are eye-wateringly accurate – measuring, cutting and packing your order so it’ll reach you in tip-top condition. Just to ensure this, we also deliver everything ourselves so there’s nothing for you to worry about.

Manufactured in Belgium

We are proud of our heritage and confident that our artificial grass products are of the highest standard. We follow a strict research and development and manufacturing and distribution process to ensure the grass you receive is in top condition. At Namgrass we are experts in flooring and originally started off as a manufacturer of carpet products then expanding into the artificial grass market. To keep up with the demand, in 2008, Namgrass built a brand new artificial grass factory with its surface exceeding more than 50,000 m².







021 – 206 5840


Silo Exchange
Office 2
Cape Town

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